I’m very excited for my Princess Bubblegum Bitch (Get it? Bubblegum Bitch? Like the song?) cosplay for Comic Con but I’ve been talking about my idea to friends and coworkers and I’ve shown them my planned outfit but they keep saying “That seems too Marceline-ish,” or “That’s not Princess B at all!” I’ve seen many cosplays that make PB punkish or just different from her usual attire. I’m kind of torn if I should do it since people might possibly not get it…





You finger yourself??? Disgusting. Those fingers should be turning pages of the holy bible

gotta get em wet before you turn the pages tho


this is going to be the text post that sends me straight to hell isnt it

would u rather fight a buff nerd or a jock who listens to jazz


things to remember:

  • nerd has a lot of pent-up anger, might pretend you are his dad
  • because of the jock’s exposure to jazz music, his attack patterns and movements are a lot less predictable


Did you guys hear how the scottish man died? 

He was kilt. 

I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on